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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

...: simple preparation that the bride must do...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
This entry is kindly for my beloved cousins yang bakal berkawen tak lame lagi especially for abang wan + kak zura and mohd shahrul + kakak tia. Ooh sunggoh tak sabau mau attend wedding mereka. Okay, im here to help u olls make the preparation before your new world day ! just a simple things that need your attention.

Checklist things
1)      ( 4 weeks before the day )

©       Make sure you have try your wedding dress.
©       Eat less, so that you can fit your wedding dress and look beautiful.
©       Go to spa for massage your body, calm your mind and don’t forget to pedicure and manicure!
©       Make sure your ring is ready and fit.
©       Already contact the photographer for confirmation on your day.
©       Invitation card already on your hand.

2)      ( 2 weeks before the day )

©       Make sure you have distributes your invitation wedding card.
©       Check about cake and “hantaran” thing you have booked.
©       Take the wedding dress.
©       Enjoy the less tired time with your friends and family.
©       For the last time before your wedding go out for fun with your buddies!
©       Aahh, don’t forget the shoes and accessories!
©       Okay, now you can start decorated your house, hall or venue of your wedding event.
©       Contact your friends and relatives to remind them.

3)      ( 1 weeks before the day )

©       85% of the preparation is done.
©       Guess gift already on!
©       Relaxed your body and mind.
©       Don’t tension and full of smile.
©       The make-up is ready.
©       The beautiful flower is ready.
©       The tent for guess is served.
©       Confirm the delicious menu for the guess.
©       Massage, scrub and clean your body.

4)      ( 1 days before the day )

©       100 % done.
©       Nothing much to worry.
©       Called your important people on that day.
©       If you’re doubt with your feelings, tell your trusted people.
©       Don’t sleep late night.
©       Get the better rest.
©       Make sure don’t have dark circle on your eyes.
©       Trim, design, and rebonding your hair properly.
©       Practice the important part.
©       Whitening your teeth.
©       Practice to give a bright smile.

5)      Last one. ( the day ! )

©       Wake up early in morning.
©       Take a bath smoothly.
©       Ignored the unimportant things.
©       Do not make any calls that disturbed you.
©       Listen to the old people rules and regulations.
©       Make sure used the waterproof makeup.
©       Wear the wedding dress properly.
©       Catch the every single moment on your preparation.
©       Don’t  staple on that day.
©       Remember, this is your big day. Don’t ruin it!
©       Walk confidently, smile brightly, and ready to make the whole world stops and stared!
©       Try to not sweat too much on that day.
©       Talked with your guess nicely
©       Last but not least, HAPPY WEDDING DAY!

Okay, that it. Xde laa banyak sangat tapi nie yang saya ingat je laa. If anything x cukup bole bgtau. Same-same kite realisasikan hari berbahagia. Congratulation and wished you happy forever ! lotsofloves